2009 Eurocopter EC135T2+
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Краткое описание
Best Equipped EC135T2+ on the market today. No attention to detail has been spared in configuring and maintaining this helicopter. SPIFR and WAAS Certified with Multi-Mission capability. Helicopter upgraded to “e” model by AEC. 80 Lb GW Inc.

TTAF: 138 Hrs.

Engine(S) Manufacturer: Allison 250-C20J
Engine 1: Time Since New: 400 Hrs.

Inspection Status: Up to Date

Garmin GNS-530 #1 Nav/Com/GPS

Garmin GNS-430 #2 Nav/Com/GPS

Garmin GTX-330 Digital Transponder

Garmin GI-106A VOR Indicator

Garmin GMX-200 Multi Function Display

Garmin GDL-69A XM Weather

Honeywell KR-21 Marker Beacon Receiver

Honeywell KRA-405B Radar Altimeter

Honeywell KDI-572 DME Indicator

Honeywell Mark XXI EGPWS (Ground Prox)

Jeppeson Chartview Display Option

Mid Continent MD41-1208 Indicator

Sandia SAFE528 Avionics Cooling Fan

NAT AMS42F Audio Panel

NAT AA82-060 Stereo ICS

NAT AA31-100 ICS Mode Controller

NAT LC12 Radio Dimmer

(8) Aerospace Optics Headsets w/Nexus and Bose Jacks

(9) Nexus Passenger Call Switch

Technisonic TDFM136A VHF/FM Radio

Avidyne TAS-605 Traffic Alert System

SkyTrac ISAT-200 GOS Tracking Provisions

Dukane DK-120 Underwater Pinger

Avionics Master Switch

Artex 406Nhm ELT

L-3 AI-804-DC Standby Attitude Indicator

L-3 PS-835D Standby Battery

Aerospace Optics MSG/INTG Indicator

Aerospace Optics TERM/APPR Indicator

IPOD/XM Switch


Aerodynamix NVG Cockpit and Cabin

Стандартное оборудование

Central Panel Display System (CPDS)

Bleed Air Heating System

Mast Moment System

Rear Avionics Compartment

Pilot Window w/Sliding Vent

Rotor Brake

Dual 200 Amp Starter Generators

Оборудование IFR

Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS)
Thales Meghas Single System
Meghas Sensor Kit
Single AC System with Inverter
Copilot Pitot/Static System
40 Ah Battery Upgrade
Center Console
Windshield Wiper System (Single Blade)
Landing/Searchlight, Retractable 200/400W (Fixed Prov.)
Reinforced Rear Landing Gear Tube
Dual Flight Controls
Copilot Control Covers
AHRS Fee Steering Mode
Wire Strike Protection System (Fixed Provisions)
Engine Compressor Wash Device
NVG Compatible Cockpit Layout

Дополнительное оборудование
Map Case on I-Panel Glareshield

Cargo Hook System Detachable and Fixed Parts

Cargo Hook Mirrors Detachable and Fixed Parts

Cargo Hook Mirror Covers

Open Door Kit

Rope Down Device (LH/RH Fixed Parts)

Sliding Door Fastener Max Position (L/H and R/H)

Fire Extinguishing Bucket (Fixed)

Wire Strike Protection System

Height Adjustable Pilot Seat

Height Adjustable Copilot Seat

Fuzz Burner for Engines

NVG Friendly Cabin and Cargo Compartment

NVG Friendly External Light Kit

Jettisonable Pilot and Copilot Doors

Engine Fire Extinguishing System

Tinted Sunshades for Cockpit Windshield Roof

Sliding Windows in Sliding Doors

Hi Vis Main Rotor Blades (Single Color)

Collective Activated Hour Meter

Landing/Searchlight Retractable 200/400W (Removable Prov.)

ECS Air Conditioning System (Metro Aviation STC)

Emergency Floats w/Deployable Raft (Apical)

Emergency Floats Automatic Electrical Inflation Kit

Skid Gear Extension Kit for Apical Floats

R/H Instrument Panel Extension Kit (Pilot)

Metro Aviation Mid-Skid Extension

External Hoist Left Hand Electrical (Fixed Provisions)

External Hoist Left Hand Electrical (Removable Provisions)

Aft Ballast Kit

Hoist Light

Hoist Camera System

   - D1-CAM-E580 & M1-NDT-PRO Mount

   - (2) Each 28-14VDC Converter/P-174/Geneva

   - Camera Monitor/FD90AID-HMT-L/Flight Displays

All Log Books and Aircraft Records

All Tie Downs and Covers

Airframe and Engine Maintenance Data

Ground Handling Wheels

Base Color is Flame Red with Black Accent Stripes. 

(New Condition) (Completed in 2010 by Eurocopter)

5-Place Cabin Club Seating w2 Crew Seats finished in Light Gray Custom Fabric w/ Charcoal Loncoin Flooring in Cabin and Cockpit. (New Condition) (Completed in 2010 by Eurocopter)

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